• J. Navamani
  • Dist. Governor

Rotary has been one of the biggest challenges and focuses in the life of Rtn. Navamani. His life’s work has been dedicated to the care and education of disadvantaged children and young people and they are all part of the future success of modern India to which we, in Rotary, all aspire.

Navamani is a dynamic and action orientated individual who has achieved unparalleled success in his chosen profession. His father was a teacher and he attended Schools near his home in Valliyoor before studying for a Diploma in Civil Engineering. He managed a construction Company called J.J. Builders before changing the direction of his life to serve the wider community as the Director of a UK founded Children’s Charity. In 18 years, he has established an organisation committed to improving the lives and sustainable future for thousands of children and young people. He is also co-founder and Correspondent of Kings School in Valliyoor which is now one of the foremost and most successful Independent Schools in Tamil Nadu. Navamani was also instrumental in leading an ‘action team’ which played a major role in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami disaster including emergency aid, reconstruction, new building and livelihood rehabilitation.

He joined Rotary in 1995 as a member of the Rotary Club of Valliyoor. He became Secretary for 2000-01 and President in 2001-02. When the Rotary Club of Valliyoor Central was chartered he became the Charter Secretary in 2006-07. He has served in nearly all roles at the Club level.

His Rotary service at District level is legendary. He was District Chairman for Youth Exchange in 2008-09, World Community Service in 2009-10, Youth Development in 2010-11 and Vocational Training in 2011-12. He was Chairman for 3 district seminars in consecutive years. The seminars were The Rotary Foundation Seminar in 2009-10, New Generation Seminar in 2010-11 and Vocational Service Seminar in 2011-12. He was Coordinator for PETS ‘Golden Touch’ held at Hotel Carlton, Kodaikanal in March 2012. Rtn. Navamani was the Chairman for the ever memorable District Assembly ‘Golden Gateway’ held at Hotel Raviz, Kollam in May 2012.

During his time in Rotary, Navamani has demonstrated to all that he is a natural leader and that he is a painstaking and professional administrator. This has been displayed in his organisation of 3 District Seminars and many other District events for RI District 3212.

In past years, Navamani has visited Rotary Clubs in the United Kingdom and has experienced at first hand, Rotary ‘in action’ outside India.

Navamani is an excellent ‘networker’ and has built up enduring friendships and countless colleagues in the wider Rotary community. He is fully committed to the quality of Rotary service in all Rotarians.

Navamani is married to Rotary Ann Jasmine Prabha who is a Past President of the Inner Wheel Club of Valliyoor. They have two girls, Jeya Agnes and Iswarya, who are studying B.Com.&Plus One respectively.

Navamani was elected unanimously as District Governor for the Rotary Year 2015-16.